Trump’s Claim That Anti-Nazi Protesters Didn’t Have Permits Proved To Be An Outright Lie


Donald Trump has blamed “many sides” for the tragedy that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. He insists that the big mean liberals attacked those poor innocent white supremacists who were the only ones to have actually obtained permits to protest. But a federal judge just called bullshit. Permits were issued not just for the Nazis, but also for anti-racism counter-protesters.

On Tuesday, Trump doubled down on his “many sides” narrative during a disastrous press conference at Trump Tower. Twice during his remarks, Trump claimed that the counter-protesters did not have permits.

You had a group, you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent….

But you had a lot of people in that group that were there to innocently protest — and very legally protest, because you know- I don’t know if you know, they had a permit. The other group didn’t have a permit.

Trump is lying, just like he always does. And once again, he has turned out to be fake news.

According to Lawnewz, records show that “Walter Heinecke applied and was approved for two permits for his group, Peoples Action For Racial Justice.”

“I did get the permits to protest at two adjacent parks,” Heinecke said.  “Once again, who is the generator of fake news? The president is.” 

Heinecke received permits to hold his events at McGuffy Park and Justice Park. The two are adjacent to Emancipation Park (formerly Robert E. Lee Park) where Jason Kessler was holding his Unite the Right rally.

“I wish he (the president) would stop exacerbating racial discrimination in our country. If he doesn’t, my next permit will be for the White House and I’ll bring a million people,” Heinecke warned. In a press release, Heinecke said,

White supremacy happens all the time. It is the rule, not the exception. If the people of Charlottesville and the nation are waiting for the right moment to organize for a racially just and truly multicultural society, this is the moment to become focused. This is not about statues, it’s about statutes.

Miriam Dickler, the Charlottesville communications director, pointed out that counter-protesters didn’t actually need to get permission to gather in the public parks in the first place.

“Please bear in mind that people do not need a permit to enter a public park, even when another event is scheduled to take place there, nor are they required to have one to be on streets or sidewalks adjacent to or outside the park,” she noted.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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