Trump’s Conspiracy-Wrangler Floats Dumbest Chelsea Clinton Theory Yet (VIDEO)


In a speech this Sunday, professional rumor-monger and attack dog Roger Stone told an audience that Chelsea Clinton has endured multiple plastic surgeries to look more like Bill Clinton and less like her “real father.”

Stone’s absurd fictional biography The Clintons’ War on Women features a bizarre conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton conceived her daughter by former Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell.

There’s just one problem with that, of course: Chelsea’s face is very similar to her father’s unmistakable features. But never fear, because Stone has all the answers for you!

Watch the insanity, via Media Matters:


ROGER STONE: Now Chelsea, their daughter, who is, as I say in this book, actually the daughter of Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton — you can see this based on a series of photographs. Hillary admits in her own book that a large football player-sized man taught her the proper way to hold a baby. Who could that be? And if you look at her, she doesn’t look anything like Bill. She looks just like her daddy, despite four plastic surgeries, the youngest one when she’s only 18. What 18-year-old gets plastic surgery unless you’re trying to, I don’t know, thin out the lips and make you look less like your daddy.

Stone reportedly went on to accuse Chelsea of being a “grifter”in charge of a worldwide money-laundering scheme at the Clinton Foundation. He presented no proof of that assertion, either.

But there’s a simple test for his ‘plastic surgery’ hypothesis. Here is a photo of Chelsea as a still-awkward teenager while her father was president:


Via CNN, here is a screenshot of Chelsea talking about her mom at the Democratic National Convention:


Granted, I’m no expert, but I don’t see any sign of plastic surgery. She looks like a grown-up version of herself. No thinned lips, no discernible alterations.

Maybe Roger Stone, who cut his teeth on Richard Nixon’s ratfckery, can find (or more likely create) some sort of visual proof for his unlikely scenario? I’m actually surprised he didn’t prepare exhibits in advance, now that I think about it. Is he losing his touch? Or does he just expect the alt-right Breitbart trolls and Alex Jones groupies on Twitter to do that for him?

Featured image via Lizzie Ochoa Flickr under Creative Commons license

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