Trump’s Name Is Revealed To Be Tied To Some REALLY Bad Hombres (WATCH)


The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama, according to a new NBC report, may indirectly link the Trump empire to organized crime. Watch:

The gist is that a shady Brazilian real estate salesman with ties to organized crime, Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, was the top seller of outrageously expensive units in the building. This merited access to both Donald and Ivanka, as seen in these photos from Mar-a-Lago:

Of course, the Trumps deny any wrongdoing, contending that their only involvement was to license their brand to drive up sales.

Exactly what did they turn a blind eye to? Money-laundering, for one thing, by the likes of Murcia Guzmán, a known Columbian bad guy with ties to armed groups, seen here on a stroll with some new friends:

Guzmán is the sullen guy in the red shirt.

What exactly is money laundering? No, it’s not accidentally leaving coins or a credit card in the pocket of your pants and throwing them in the washer. The following scene from the hit 1999 movie “Office Space” explains (watch):

In this particular case, Nogueira is suspected of double- and triple-selling units to mostly unknown buyers whom the Trump Organization should have asked about but didn’t. Later, a lot of these buyers turned out to be brokers, customers and investors linked to drug trafficking and international crime. Of course, the Trumps take no responsibility according to their chief legal officer, Alan Garten, who shared this alt-truth whopper:

No one at the Trump Organization, including the Trump family, has any recollection of ever meeting or speaking with this individual.

According to Trump’s latest approval polls, 41% of us – 79% of Republicans – will blindly dismiss this latest report as fake news, and 59% will add it to the garbage heap of Trump misdeeds.

Let’s hope Mueller speaks Spanish.

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