Trump’s Reckless Twitter Fingers Get Loose As DACA Immigrants Remain ‘Terrified’


It’s a scary time to be a non-white person living in America. There are certainly some who will try to debate that, but the reality is that for many, being any shade of brown in the U.S. has some terrifying ramifications. Further complicating the difficult national tone that American history has set the stage for, is a commander in chief whose campaign and time in office thus far have been riddled with behavior and rhetoric many justifiably deem extremely enabling to racists.

Now, despite a plethora of other policies the Trump administration could focus on, it seems that once again turning his attention to targeting immigrants in ways that just look, sound, and feel racist, is Donald John’s priority right now. His other priority? Well, Twitter, of course.

Trump took to social media early Tuesday to fire off a series of tweets and one retweet that, per the usual, just don’t make sense. As the country continues to need messages of hope, unity, and togetherness, Trump seemed to once more take great pride in dividing and bullying.

As if navigating the complex immigration systems and need for reform, simultaneously supporting immigrants, and safely transitioning undocumented individuals home, somehow negates the needs and interests of American citizens, Trump shared this highly charged post packed with racist undertones:

One wise tweeter was quick to give Trump and The Trump Train” a brief but accurate history lesson/reminder:

Unable and/or unwilling to leave well enough alone, Trump’s Twitter fingers got even more careless. As if “allowing” Japan and South Korea to purchase weapons from the U.S. will somehow solve the country’s Trump-inflicted struggles with North Korea, he tweeted:

Other social media users didn’t let Trump get away with that mindless tweet, either:

Finally, and perhaps most brazenly pompous of all, Trump tweeted about Congress’ role with DACA’s next steps as if their job is to support and enable his foolishness, not represent the people who have elected them:

One again, other social media users didn’t let that slide:

Yes indeed, it’s certainly a scary time to be a non-white in America, but alas, Trump’s tweets serve as reminders that it’s a scary time to be an American in general.

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.

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