Trump’s Security Going Undercover Doing Intel Work Researching Potential Protesters


We have all heard the horrific stories of rallies filled with white people, raising their hands to pledge allegiance to their follicularly challenged leader, listening to hateful rhetoric and alluding to violence and deportation of those not of the same skin color. These rallies spawned movements nationwide, led to both physical and verbal assaults on observers, expulsion of journalists and a resurgence of hate crimes. Those following this leader proudly displayed their allegiance through clothing, pins and posters.

This is a truly gruesome scene to imagine, correct?  How could a country allow this to happen to its own people? Clearly, this could never happen now in 2016. When you read that paragraph you might instinctively think I am talking about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, but you would be incorrect. I am talking about Donald Trump.

Politico reports that at Trump’s rally in North Carolina this past weekend, he asked the attendees to raise their hands and “take an oath to vote for him.” This oath is eerily similar to the hand gesture used by the Nazis in Germany, with a right arm outstretched, palm flat, extended at a 45 degree angle.

Trump has also begun erecting extended barriers which prevented the press from mingling with the audience.  The goal is to keep the press away from the supporters, limit interviews, reduce the opportunity for them to capture on cell phone video any forceful removal of protesters.

Private intelligence security were dispatched throughout the arena in plain clothes to weed out protesters.  In Nazi Germany, plain clothes officers were also dispatched. They were called the Gestapo. This secret police unit of the Nazi regime had one main goal – oppression and destruction of all opponents of the regime. They infiltrated communities and neighborhoods while dressed in plain clothes, flushing out all those who dare speak out against Hitler. Sounds eerily the same?

Politico reports:

On Friday, two members of Trump’s private security team wore street clothes to a rally in New Orleans. One of them, Eddie Deck, explained to reporters that his duties were now weighted towards intelligence work researching potential protesters and assisting uniformed security personnel under the direction of Trump’s head of security.

Trump justifies these Nazi style tactics by blaming the protesters themselves. Over the past week there have been numerous troubling videos to come out of rallies, one including an altercation between a photographer and a Secret Service agent and another where a silent young black woman is physically and verbally assaulted as she is forced out of a rally by strangers, including a young man who had been pre-accepted to the U.S. Military. Note: this acceptance has since been revoked based on his deplorable actions and subsequent online bragging.

Protesters are hauled away by his Gestapo type security while Trump mocks them from his podium, further emboldening his followers to assault them verbally and physically with taunts and racial epithets.  Trump yelled at one protester “Bye-bye” while smirking and sneering at him.

Another young man was taunted as he was being led out with Trump proclaiming to the audience

“Looks like a nice little guy actually. Go home to mommy … He’ll go home to mommy now.”

At another rally, a woman brazenly wore a gold star, similar to those that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi occupied Europe. She remained silent but was also removed from the venue by security. Trump has further claimed that Black Lives Matter protesters were “throwing punches” and that his supporters would be “blamed for retaliating.” A reporter from Politico witnessed both protests and did not observe any demonstrators throwing punches, a claim that was also disputed by numerous other rally attendees. In fact, the only person who is making these claims is Trump himself.  The Secret Service reports that it is investigating the incidents.

In case you are wondering, the Trump-Hitler comparisons are being noticed not just in the U.S., but worldwide as well. Take a look at this tweet about Mexico’s president comparing Trump to Hitler:

This past weekend, comedian Louis C.K. sent out an impassioned open form letter calling Donald Trump an “insane bigot.” Some excerpts from the email, courtesy of Variety:

“Please stop it with voting for Trump.  It was funny for a little while. But the guy is Hitler. And by that I mean that we are being Germany in the ’30s. Do you think they saw the sh-t coming? Hitler was just some hilarious and refreshing dude with a weird comb over who would say anything at all.”

I don’t know if I would say Hitler was a “refreshing dude with a weird comb over” but I will go along with it, cautiously. He went on to say:

If you are a true conservative. Don’t vote for Trump. He is not one of you. He is one of him. Everything you have heard him say that you liked, if you look hard enough you will see that he one day said the exact opposite. He is playing you.”

This I agree with wholeheartedly. Trump is not for the people. He is in it for himself. He is a raging egomaniac, a sociopath with no regard for anyone else’s feelings except his own, and possibly his close knit family. He ridicules, bullies and berates anyone who disagrees with him, from war hero John McCain, to a disabled NYT reporter to Rosie O’Donnell.

Finally, Louis ends with a profound statement:

“Trump is not your best. He’s the worst of all of us. He’s a symptom to a problem that is very real. But don’t vote for your own cancer. You’re better than that.”

I think this is the best statement regarding Trump I have read thus far: Don’t vote for your own cancer.

Image: Twitter.

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