Trump’s Son Apologizes For Claiming Nazi Saluting Woman Was A Bernie Supporter


It took him sixteen days to work up the courage, but Donald Trump, Jr. has finally apologized for misidentifying a woman who was photographed giving a Nazi-style salute outside his father’s cancelled event.

Trump, Jr. made the correction in a tweet.

Trump, Jr. deleted the incorrect tweet two weeks ago.

Plenty of legitimate reporters had identified the woman as Birgitt Peterson, a 69 year-old immigrant from West Berlin. Peterson claims that she was trying to teach protesters that they were being ridiculous in denouncing her as a Nazi. Eyewitnesses disagree about her intentions.

But Trump, Jr. retweeted an account that incorrectly claimed the woman was Portia Boulger, an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders volunteer. Boulger, who wasn’t even in town at the time, responded to the rumor on Facebook.

A trusted part of his father’s entourage, Trump, Jr. thinks there is “something special” about his father wanting to punch protesters in the face. He seems to take after his famous dad in many ways, for example in shifting blame.

After Trump, Jr. gave an exclusive interview to white supremacist James Edwards because the radio host was fully credentialed by the campaign, the reality show star’s son tried to flip the script and blame the messengers.

This is clearly the mainstream media trying to turn a story into something, much like they did with my father, who I witnessed denouncing David Duke and any KKK endorsement on multiple occasions.

Trump, Jr. is imitating his famous father’s ‘know-nothing’ routine here. Whenever he’s asked about the loving support he receives from David Duke and other white supremacists, Trump just pleads ignorance. His son continues:

The way the media is spinning it is as though I voluntarily spoke with [Edwards] and I knew his background, rather than I was essentially duped by him being in the room and asking an inane question where I clearly could not have ever known what or whom I was talking to. It’s very unfair, and typical of the way much of the media has handled us.

Of course, this is the same campaign that kicks reporters out of events for being too liberal and leaves bruises on the arms of friendly media reporters. They couldn’t be bothered to vet Edwards at all while they were giving him press credentials? Really?

This time, at least, Donald Trump, Jr. seems to have given up on denials or spin and just apologized. It’s a bit late, but it’s at least a start.

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