Tucker Carlson: Ban Muslims From Entering America, Just Because


Fox News host Tucker Carlson has previously called for unwarranted bans, such as a travel ban over the Ebola virus. On Fox and Friends on Sunday morning, Tucker the banner of icky things, called for a ban of Muslims entering the United States, even though – wait for it – “a lot” of his friends are Muslims.

We totally believe you, Tucker.

Meanwhile, thousands of anti-terror protesters gathered in France over the weekend in support of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, after the attack which killed 12 people and injured an entire country.

Our friends at ReverbPress report:

Carlson was skeptical that the rally would make a difference, and then went full bigotry:

“This is an Islamic problem we’re facing. It’s become rigid, it’s become doctrinaire, fundamentalist, and the world is suffering as result. At some point, the Obama administration is going to step up – or some subsequent administration – and call the problem what it is, which is a religious problem.”

Carlson’s disgusting remark once again proves the double standard when it comes to Muslims and Christians. If a Christian commits an act of terrorism, he is “not a real Christian because real Christians don’t do that”. Or they say that it’s just a mental illness issue.

One only needs to point to the three right-wing Georgia men accused of conspiring to obtain explosives to prove his hypocrisy. The trio face a much more serious domestic terrorism charge — conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, and it barely gets a mention in the media.

So, I think we should ban all Conservatives from living in our great country. See how that works, Mr. Smarty Banner Pants?

Prominent Muslims have already been vocal in their condemnation of the attacks, but never mind all that.

This is Carlson backpedaling his remarks just before he amps up the stupid:

“Not all Muslims, of course. Most are peaceful and decent people. We all know a lot of them. But there is a species of the religion that has gone completely off the rails, and until you say that out loud, it’s kind of hard to address it.”

One could also suggest that it’s”not all” Christians, of course. “Most are peaceful and decent people.” Dr. Tiller, however, cannot state his views, since he was murdered by one of their own and “until you say that out loud, it’s kind of hard to address it.”

Carlson sez:

“Is it time to re-think immigration policies in Europe and, by the way, also here in North America, to pay attention to the country of origin? Is it a good idea to let a lot of people from countries where violent Islamism is rife come to this country? What do we get out of it?”

So we need to stop people coming in to the U.S. from Europe, too? He’s a special kind of stupid.

Watch super-smart Tucker in the video below:

Fun facts: More Americans have been victims of Domestic terrorism, than have died within our borders from Ebola. More were killed and/or targeted, than died in the attack on Charlie Hebdo. More toddlers shoot members of their family, than terrorists have killed Americans in recent years.

Maybe toddlers are the problem.

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H/T: ReverbPress.

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