Twitter Mocks Alex Jones Hard After He Tweets Topless Picture Of Himself Riding A Horse


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones tweeted out a picture of him riding on a horse without his shirt on. The InfoWars Donald Trump supporter for some reason, tweeted out the picture which resembles the well circulated photo of Vladimir Putin on a horse.

“There’s a war on for your mind and is the 21st century cavalry!,” Jones tweeted.

Jones is having a bad day after Julian Assange’s October surprise turned out to be the WikiLeak’s founder trying to sell his book. That surprise was supposed to destroy Hillary Clinton. Well, maybe if the Democratic presidential nominee sees the picture of Alex Jones without his shirt on, she’ll need brain bleach to get the image out of her head.

We’re not sure why Jones did that. Trump and members of his campaign have been revealed to have ties to Russia.

Featured image via Twitter. 

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