Twitter To Trump: No One Wants To Come To Your ‘Sh*thole’ Country While You’re POTUS


Thursday, Donald Trump again proved what a disgustingly racist sack of putrid intestinal gas he is and always will be.

During a meeting with members of both parties on the issue of immigration, Trump reportedly said he didn’t want immigrants coming to the United States from “shithole countries” such as Haiti and African nations. Instead, he said, we need more people from countries like Norway.

Today, people on Twitter — including some from Norway — are reminding Trump that Norwegians aren’t exactly eager to leave what they have and join us stateside, where our head of state is doing everything in his power to transform this country into an Amercian shithole:

So, Shithole Donnie, it looks like you’re just as ignorant as ever. Meanwhile, millions of us are seriously considering taking an extended vacation in Norway until you’re out of office.

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