Two GOP Governors Turn On Trump, Join Democrats In Historic Climate Alliance


Donald Trump shocked and angered the world when he pulled the United States out of the historic Paris Climate Accord. This was an action that immediately lessened America’s standing on the world stage, and is sure to have catastrophic consequences for the environment. However, there are immediate efforts all over the nation, in the form of businesses and local and state level municipalities, that are determined to reduce carbon emissions regardless of what Trump and morons in his administration are doing.

In order to combat Trump’s disastrous action, five United States governors have formed a Climate Alliance to commit to the continuing reduction of the carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change. Those states include, unsurprisingly, New York’s Andrew Cuomo (D), California’s Jerry Brown (D), and Washington State’s Jay Inslee (D). What IS surprising, though, is that joining those three pioneers are joined by Charlie Baker of Massachusetts (R) and Phil Scott of Vermont (R).

When discussing his decision to defy Trump, Governor Baker said in a statement:

“As the Commonwealth reiterates its commitment to exceeding the emission reduction targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, today we join the US Climate Alliance to expand on our efforts while partnering with other states to combat climate change.”

He went on to say that Democrats and Republicans alike need to join hands “to protect the environment, grow the economy and deliver a brighter future to the next generation.”

Governor Scott had similar sentiments saying that “growing our economy and protecting our environment by supporting cleaner and more affordable energy and transportation choices can go together.”

Trump is sure to be furious at the very existence of the Climate Alliance- not to mention the fact that members of his own party are turning against him on the issue. Further, more states are sure to join ranks with it. Regardless of political affiliation, reasonable people realize what a disaster this decision is, and they also realize what grave implications this is already having diplomatically on the world stage. Couple that with Trump’s behavior at the NATO and G7 Summits, and it now falls on the adults who run the government outside of Trump’s insane administration to save America’s standing in the world.

Thank you for your bravery, Governor Scott and Governor Baker. It cannot be easy to break ranks with your party’s so-called “president” in these troubling times. Thank you for doing what is right anyway.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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