Two Of The Biggest Kooks On The Right Are Spreading Racist Stories About ‘Looting’ In Texas


Every time I see Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson, I want to ask them if it hurts to be as stupid as they are. It should. It should hurt to be the kind of asshole who truly doesn’t care about humanity. Who knows, maybe that’s why these two are so angry all the time!

Now, one might think that right-wing nutjobs like these would occasionally take a day off from being jerks. At the very least, maybe they would step out of character for a minute. Surely those can’t be their real personas.

Impossibly, when we have a tragedy like a shooting or a natural disaster, these idiots (and people like them) seem to get worse. Class warfare is always the strategy of the day, and Republicans always go after immigrants and the poor.

On Carlson’s show, he brought on guest Dan Bongino, a former cop, and Republican congressional candidate. The two of them, over images of black people in the flooded city of Houston, described looting, with Bongino actually calling these people looking for food “certifiable savage man-beast[s].” Savage. I guess we’re still using that word?

The police in Houston disagreed. A spokesman for the department told Snopes (yes, the narrative was so widespread it required debunking) that “looting is almost nonexistent in Houston. People have been cooperative not just with each other, but also with Houston PD. The weather is at its worst but Houstonians are at their best.”

That didn’t quite fit Tucker’s story, though. Looting, you see, is right-wing code for “black people putting their uppity hands on things.”

Horseshit peddler Alex Jones was even worse. On his show, he claimed that Houston was being overrun with “black gangs,” robbing white people left and right, “saying, ‘Look at what we looted, look at what we got.’ They’re putting it on Twitter, ‘We’re robbing the white folks, they deserve it.’”

It was Snopes to the rescue again. The Twitter accounts Jones was quoting were soon discovered to be, as usual, racists pretending to be black people crowing about their spoils. Right-wing trolls, faking scenarios that other white supremacists could then retweet and spread around.

Just like the bots and trolls that Donald Trump himself likes to retweet, right-wing media is now turning to fake news for more than just excusing Trump’s behavior. They’re using it to spread racism and hate.

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