Two-Year-old Shoots And Kills His Mother Inside Idaho Walmart


A two-year-old Idaho boy shot and killed his 29-year-old mother in a Walmart after finding the woman’s weapon in her purse, according to police.

Guns don’t kill people, toddlers do.


The woman reportedly had a concealed carry permit.

The unidentified mother was shopping with her son along with several relatives in the store when the boy, sitting in the front of the shopping cart, found the gun in her purse and shot the woman at about 10.15 a.m., according to The Guardian.

Authorities believe the shooting death in the electronics section of the store was accidental.

Kootenai County Sheriff’s Lt. Stu Miller said one of the children, a 2-year-old, reached into his mother’s purse and pulled out a hand gun and shot her.

“She is deceased,” he said. “We are in the process of contacting her relatives.”

According to CDAPress, Miller said it was still unclear if all of the children with the woman were relatives of hers.

She is believed to have been visiting relatives in the area.

Employees had to evacuate the building immediately after the shooting, but several witnesses were detained so that police could take their statements.

The victim has not been identified as her family has not been notified yet.

A Walmart spokesperson addressed the incident  saying it was “very sad.”

If only the mother had a gun. Oh, wait…

Or, if the little guy hadn’t have used a gun, he would have used a knife.

Perhaps keeping guns out of a child’s reach would be the route to take, or would that infringe upon the rights of toddlers?

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