Typo Alert: ‘In Dog We Trust’ Printed Within Florida County Sheriff’s Emblem On Rugs


The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is s sending back some awesome rugs due to a hilarious typo in the logo.

Instead of “In God We Trust”, the large green rugs with the black and yellow Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office logo included the phrase “In Dog We Trust” within one of its crests.

The rugs were placed at the front entrance of the Sheriff’s office administration building and remained there for several weeks before a deputy working security at the building discovered the error on Wednesday.

ABC Action News reports:

The rugs were quickly rolled up and put away today. You have to wonder if the new carpet smell had a chance to wear off.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told Action News the error was made by the rug manufacturer, American Floor Mats. The company is currently working on giving the sheriff’s office a replacement, according to a spokesperson.

The rug cost $500.

Who doesn’t trust a dog? They’re loyal creatures and they’re nonpartisan. They’re devoted to whoever feeds them, Rub their bellies and you’re the best thing ever, forever, without a doubt. Give them attention and they wag their little tails.

Atheists are probably laughing their asses off at this typo. But, my cats do not approve of this rug at all.

If they’re going to be picky, doesn’t that look like a witch casting a spell in the logo, too?

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Image: ABC Action News


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