Under Any Other Administration, The NRA Would Be Investigated For Sedition Now


What used to be a gun safety club now uses their national platform to scream at Americans that they’re not safe unless they have guns. The NRA has been releasing videos to the public featuring a spokeswoman who can most kindly be described as an agitator or perhaps a demagogue. Dana Loesch seems to take pleasure in trying to scare people.

One might think that after years of lying to the public about the intentions of elected Democrats, telling the public that Democrats want to take away their guns, that the NRA might relax while the government is under 100% Republican control. That is unfortunately not so. That plan may have sold a lot of guns for their manufacturer sponsors, but not enough, apparently.

Now what the NRA sells is hatred for the “other.” Other colors, other religions, other political beliefs, and other nationalities. And with their sales pitch comes the kind of threats you might see a schoolyard bully make: “We’re coming for you.

In classic conservative fashion, this hate group and their public face, Dana Loesch ball up all of the violent rhetoric they’ve spewed at the left for years. They project it onto any group that dares to oppose them. They label anyone who calls for common sense gun reforms desired by 8 in 10 Americans as fascists. The NRA has become, by and large, a terror group.

If only Dana Loesch had thought in advance what it meant for people to forever associate her face with hate and fear. When she warns the “elites” that she’s gunning for them, she seems to forget that Americans on both sides of the aisle are gun owners. That America’s divisions run mostly along class lines, and in that regard, she is one of the elites.

Now, NRA members and ex-members are speaking out. Mike Nelson is a Democrat running for Congress in Arkansas. He was a long-time supporter of the NRA, but had this to say in a Facebook post:

If the NRA does not stop their hate campaign, I will call them out on sedition. Sedition is the willful undermining of the legal authority, the Incitement of Violence.

Nelson is not alone. Last month, three US Marines called out the NRA for their cowardly and inciteful behavior. In an article for The Daily Beast, Joe Plenzler, Craig Tucker, and Kyleanne Hunter tore apart their motives:

The NRA ads depict a dystopian, violent present whose danger can only be met by heavily armed citizens, when in fact a recent 2016 FBI report shows violent crime in the US to be at a 20-year low despite the more than 33,000 gun-related fatalities in our nation every year.

The problem is, the videos being released by the gun advocacy group are aimed squarely at people who are most likely to believe their violent imagery.

If any of them act on it, blood will be on the NRA’s hands.

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