Unhinged Trump Supporter To Hispanic Man: ‘Cook My Burrito, B*TCH!’ (VIDEO)


Ladies, here’s your chance. This knuckle-dragging, alleged human is most likely single. Just a hunch. And you will TOTALLY want this, leg-humping, simian, racist piece of sh*t to be your boyfriend.

A YouTube commenter noticed at the .55 mark it shows that under the Neanderthal’s left arm is a tattoo of the number ’43’ which is indicative of being white supremacist. Gawker confirmed that. That tattooed number is commonly used by members of the white supremacist hate group Supreme White Alliance.

The Trump-supporting illiterate Master Of Sh*t then yelled at a Hispanic protester in Phoenix to ‘Cook my burrito, Bitch!’ He seems really chill. The big dummy couldn’t stop himself. He yelled at the protesters to, “Build that wall for me!”

“Get the f*ck out of here —- our country, motherf*cker, our country,” the piece of Trump trash screamed out. “Proud f*cking American! Made in USA bitch, made in f*cking USA!”

“Go f*cking make my tortilla, motherf*cker,” the man continued to yell, extending what appeared to be a Nazi salute, according to Raw Story. “Build that f*cking wall for me.”

“I love Trump,” the man screamed out. “F*ck you, I love my country!”

The tattooed rat-fucker then yelled, “I will f*ck, like, at least 10 of you up in one f*cking sitting, you f*cking p*ssy,” “You’re lucking all these cops are here, bro. Yeah, you’re f*cking lucky, b*tch. Make my f*cking tortilla,” he added with the camera rolling.


Gawker reports:

You can read all summaries in the world of Trump’s various policy stances, such as they are—building a wall, trade isolationism, immigration bans—but none of it will be as illuminating as a shirtless white guy turning red with fury, arteries bulging, screaming the word “TRUMP” over and over again into the faces of American Latinos in a state of apoplexy.

Donald, you created this hot mess. The hotel magnate claims he will be a ‘unifier’ but there is zero evidence to back up his assertion. We rate Donald’s claim to be jaw-droppingly stupid. Donald is a divider. Build a wall around Trump supporters and make the GOP presumptive presidential candidate pay for it.

Featured image: Screengrab.

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