Unless Kim Davis Is A Time Lord, 100,000 People Did Not Rally In Peru To Support Her


Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis’ lawyer Mat Staver, chairman of the Liberty Counsel, who is also obviously a Time Lord, posted a picture of a rally for his client in Peru. The only problem is that the picture was taken in 2014.

Just look at all of those people that weren’t there!












Staver claimed that 100,000 people had attended a prayer rally to support Davis in Peru.

In fact, there is no evidence that a prayer rally happened at all.

Twitter user @DCHomos investigated the claim and  found it to be implausible – and he was right.

Buzzfeed reports:

On Monday, BuzzFeed News contacted Liberty Counsel, a Congressman in Peru – who Davis’s lawyers said announced the rally – and a leading LGBT-rights advocate in Peru to ask if any of them could confirm the event took place. “That is not true! Nobody mentioned anything about this in Peru,” said George Hale, director of the Peruvian group Promsex, which advocates for human rights and a secular state.

“If that would really have happened,” he said in an email to BuzzFeed News, “it would have been disseminated everywhere, because everybody was talking about Kim Davis.” BuzzFeed News asked Liberty Counsel five times to provide evidence a prayer rally had occurred for Davis in Peru.

After claiming several times the picture was for reals, the Liberty Counsel now says, “It now appears that while prayer meetings did occur throughout Peru, the photograph presented to Mat Staver was an honest mistake and was of a different Christian assembly in a soccer field.”

Finally, after claiming several times that the picture was legitimate, Matt Barber issued an apology.  

This video seems to clearly identify the pink banner visible in the photo as one bearing the name of the event, which Think Progress tagged.

“We have no reason to puff the Kim Davis story,” Staver said in a statement, just after lying about the rally. “While she has obvious detractors, Kim Davis also has wide support.”

SURE she does.

Except for the sixty three percent who strongly disagree with her actions and inaction.

They were just doing the Lord’s work by lying their fake Christian asses off.

It appears that Davis rallies never happened in Peru at all and we await that apology, too.

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