UPDATE: One Dead, 19 Injured After Trump-Supporting Nazi Runs Over Dozens Of People


A Trump-supporting Nazi in Charlottesville, Virginia today was caught on camera deliberately plowing through dozens of peaceful anti-racist protesters, as reported on Opposition Report. Several people appear to be injured, according to photos and videos posted on social media.


Another view as the brave Nazi takes off in his car after hitting peaceful protesters.

A Washington Post reporter writes that, “Virginia State Police spokesperson say injuries in crash range from life threatening to minor. Did not say how many injuries.”

Blood was splattered on the windshield of the car.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency shortly after violence erupted in Charlottesville with Trump-loving Nazis besieging the city while carrying torches. The ‘Alt-Right’ racists were protesting the removal of Confederate Robert E. Lee’s statue and we’re totally sure it was about their ‘heritage’ (wink wink).

Donald Trump offered two tweets to address the situation, one of them calling the violence in Charlottesville ‘sad!.’


One person has died.


19 people were injured.

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Featured image via screen capture.

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