Utah Cop Who Arrested Nurse For Not ‘Obeying’ Him Fired From Second Job


You’re living under a rock if you don’t know yet about Detective Jeff Payne of the Salt Lake City Police Department. Just in case, though, he’s the cop who arrested a nurse who was following hospital rules. He didn’t like the rules, despite his department agreeing to them. So he cuffed her and shoved her in an unmarked cruiser.

We might not even know about any of this if it weren’t for Detective Payne’s body camera. We definitely wouldn’t know about the offhand joke he made while he was outside the hospital doors. Speaking about his other job as an ambulance driver, Detective Payne remarked,

“I’ll bring ’em (this hospital) all the transients and take the good patients elsewhere.”

Har-dee-har-har, Detective. I don’t care what the context is. Dividing those in need of medical care into classes according to money or housing status is more than a little gross. It was clear that Payne was suffering a deficit of humanity when he manhandled a crying nurse into his car. But splitting up emergency treatment into “good patients” and transients is disgusting.

Unfortunately for Detective Payne, Gold Cross Ambulance Service felt the same way. The president of Gold Cross, Mike Moffitt, told Reuters on Tuesday that the company had terminated Payne.

“Those remarks are just not reflective of our company’s philosophy and the service we provide and because of that behavior we felt we had to separate ways. His comments reflected poorly on the company and violated several company policies.”

First, she got an apology from the mayor and the police chief. Then came the big thank-you from the police department of the patient whose rights she was protecting. Good karma seems to be falling into place for Alex Wubbels, the nurse who suffered this indignity in the first place.

As for Detective Jeff Payne, it looks like instead of dispensing justice, he’s on the receiving end of it for once.

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