‘VERY Weak!’: The So-Called President Is Now Publicly Bashing His Own Attorney General


When Donald Trump nominated Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, it was a contentious issue due to his background but now he puts most of sane America in a spot having to defend the AG. To the former reality show star, loyalty is everything but that doesn’t mean it will be reciprocated. Recent reports suggest that Trump is going to fire Sessions and he’s floating the idea of replacing him with Rudy Giuliani. Trump has been upset with Sessions ever since he rightly recused himself from anything to do with the Russia probe after he was caught lying during his confirmation hearing.

According to Trump’s Twitter timeline, Sessions’ job is on the line. In an unprecedented and unprofessional fashion, Trump is attacking his own Attorney General on Twitter in an early morning tweetstorm. First, he attacked the Washington Post, calling the paper ‘fake news,’ then he began his public tirade against Sessions. He even tagged Sean Hannity, because of course.

Trump is possibly referring to a January report published by Politico.

We’re pretty sure that Trump will try to ditch Special Counsel Robert Mueller, too. Mueller’s loyalty is only to the American people and Trump won’t let that slide.

I can’t stand that racist elf, but Trump is embarrassing this country by publicly treating one his own administration officials like dirt. Maybe some Republicans should rethink their loyalty to this oaf of a ‘president.’ That loyalty will never be returned.

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