VIDEO: Watch These Blithering Liars Call Hillary Clinton A Liar


Late show host Jimmy Kimmel presented another episode of his ‘Lie Witness News’ walkabout comedy bit last night. The questions all cited fake emails and ridiculous ‘facts’ that pedestrians swallowed whole, demonstrating just how much their hatred of Hillary Clinton is a mental habit learned from unchecked liars who propagate smears and innuendo. Watch:

Every one of these people clearly thinks of themselves as an ‘expert’ on Hillary Clinton, but they are too incompetent to recognize their own incompetence. Instead, they are gullible marks for any smaller lie which confirms their belief in the bigger lie — an example of cognitive bias known as the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Because seriously, what kind of moron falls for questions like: “Are you disappointed in how many Nigerian Princes Hillary wrote back to?” Or “Were you surprised that HRC forwarded those Bill Cosby jokes to Vladimir Putin?” Or my favorite: “What about the email she sent to Putin asking for some shirtless peck shots?”

“Of course you’ve heard the bombshell that Hillary Clinton once accepted a Linked-In request from Osama Bin Laden,” the interviewer asks, tongue firmly planted in cheek. “What does that say about her?”

Some of them admitted they hadn’t heard that falsehood, yet were eager to believe it right away.

The most telling answers, though, are the most absurd — the ones that demonstrate the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Take the man who calls Clinton a liar, swears he is himself perfectly honest, and then confirms that yes, he saw Clinton’s (nonexistent) emails ordering fruit snacks from Edible Arrangements.

Or the woman who insists that Clinton is not trustworthy, but that she herself is trustworthy, and then pretends to have seen Clinton’s (nonexistent) fan email to the band Sugar Ray.

While the Benghazi hoax appears to have run its course, the woman who presumes to lecture Clinton on Christianity over a (nonexistent) social media relationship to Osama bin Laden shows us that the underlying fabrication is still very real to a lot of ignorant people.

This scene of liars, lying about who else is a liar, is not an accident. It is the inevitable end result of intensive, media-enabled character defamation and political hucksterism over a quarter-century. Hillary-hatred did not come naturally to America; it was learned.

H/t Crooks and Liars

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