Was Bernie Sanders The Target Of An Assassination Attempt In Las Vegas?


Bernie Sanders appears to have been the target of a crazed gun nut, at least according to the Las Vegas Sun. The paper reports that a bullet hole was discovered at the campaign headquarters in Las Vegas on Thursday, although the bullet itself was not recovered. Sanders was actually on-site at the facility that very day, which seems to suggest that this was more than just a random shooting.











The Las Vegas Sun reports:

“A bullet hole was discovered in a storefront window at the Bernie Sanders campaign headquarters in northwest Las Vegas on Thursday morning, the same day the Democratic presidential candidate was on site, Metro Police said today.

Officers responded just before noon to the campaign office at 815 South Rainbow Blvd., near Alta Drive, authorities said. Police said it appears a bullet went through the window but declined to comment on whether a shot had been fired.”

Watch, uploaded by Valerie Beaumont:

John Prager at Addicting Info reports:

Numerous petitions have been circulating for months asking that Sanders be given a Secret Service detail. After all, Hillary Clinton has one. Donald Trump has one. Even Ben Carson has Secret Service protection. To date, while Trump has allowed and even encouraged violence and threats at his rallies, all of it was directed at people he didn’t like — African Africans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Only Sanders has had someone attempt to whack him.

The question is this: was this an assassination attempt by a right wing nutjob or is this some sort of veiled threat regarding Sanders policies on a myriad of things that the conservatives dislike, such as affordable education, increasing minimum wage, to $15 an hour, closing the pay gap for women, enacting universal healthcare, working towards greater climate change reform and energy efficiency, immigration reform, police reform to address racial inequality…the list goes on and on.

Directly following the incident, Sanders continued on with his day of media interviews and made little to no reference to the incident.

Bernie Sanders has been labeled a socialist, has gotten an incredible degree of hatred thrown at him from the far right. Yet, he has always wanted to remain the “anti-politician”…the people’s candidate. Thus far, that has been OK, but after this latest incident, he may want to rethink that and be given a Secret Service detail.

The fact is, large swaths of the population support him because of his revolutionary and anti-big government views. But those exact views are what make him such a target to the right wing.

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