Washington Post Fact-Checkers Kick Trump’s Ass In Real Time (TWEETS)


On Monday, Trump gave what was supposed to be a big, serious economic speech. It was supposed to reset his campaign and calm the fears of the GOP that Trump was the man to get the job done.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is Donald Trump and he lies like the rest of us breathe. And while much of the “liberal” media has been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bullshit Trump slings, two of the intrepid journalists at the Washington Post tag teamed Trump in real time.

Via Media Matters:

[Glenn] Kessler has criticized the media for being reluctant to “challenge Trump when he makes a claim that already has been found to be false” and allowing Trump to make “Four-Pinocchio statements over and over again.” According to Kessler, Trump’s willingness to repeatedly lie is “off the charts.”

As Trump attempted to “reset his campaign” with an August 8 economic speech, Kessler and [Michelle Ye Hee] Lee fact-checked his remarks:

Basically, his entire speech was one long list of lies that even the captains of industry in Detroit were unimpressed with.

There’s a reason Trump has banned The Washington Post (among others) from his events and it’s their utter disregard for the usual “liberal” media convention of not calling a lie a lie when a Republican says it. After decades of being cowed into submission by conservative attacks, WaPo just said, “Screw it! Let people call us biased! We’re still printing the truth and the GOP can suck eggs. Trump is simply too dangerous to treat like a normal candidate.”

This is what journalism should look like in the time of social media and kudos to Lee and Kessler for exposing Trump as the lying fraud he is.

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