WATCH A Former Clinton Aide Clean A Trump Apologist’s Clock During A Russia Debate


Pity the poor Republicans. No matter how hard they try to minimize or dismiss the serious nature of the Russia investigation, they keep getting smacked in the face with fact after fact that makes them look exponentially more absurd.

Such was the case on MSNBC Sunday when Katon Dawson, the former head of the South Carolina Republican party, tried to lessen the entire matter of Russian interference in the 2016 election — with the possible assistance of the Trump campaign — as a great deal less serious than Watergate and a giant nothing-burger. That assertion led former Clinton-era Deputy Press Secretary David Goodfriend to respond:

“With all due respect to my friend from South Carolina, this is a major bombshell, and the cheerleading squad on the right and the Republicans in Congress have this pattern, when they’re in trouble and feeling the heat, they lash out and attack and try to discredit everybody.”

But Goodfriend was far from finished taking Dawson to school, adding:

“In this case, they’re trying to discredit Bob Mueller, and in fact, the FBI and probably the entire American law enforcement system because they’re sweating. The top dog here, Flynn, has turned snitch and is a state’s witness and they’re feeling the heat.”

As for the latest revelation that former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos touched off the entire investigation by bragging in a bar that he had dirt on Hillary Clinton, Goodfriend tied the new reporting around Dawson’s neck like the proverbial albatross, finishing off Dawson — and by extension every Republican who gladly runs interference for the Trump administration — with every GOPers worst enemy: Facts:

“There’s no way you can now say this is just some Bob Mueller exercise in a dossier put together by an oppo research firm. No. We now have major American allies, like Australia, that are saying we were telling the American CIA, FBI, law enforcement and international apparatus that there is a problem with the Russians and the Trump campaign. This has completely destroyed the Trump world’s best defense — and they’re going to be sweating more in 2018.”


The GOP’s lone line of defense on Russia and Trump is now in tatters. They know Mueller is getting closer, and they also know that the longer they stand behind Trump, the bigger the political price they’ll have to pay.

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