WATCH Corey Lewandowski’s Bizarre Rant About Trump Being A ‘Killer’


There are some people who simply shouldn’t be allowed in public because no matter what the topic is, they manage to make it creepy and downright bizarre.

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is such a person, and he proved it Tuesday during an appearance on The View.

Lewandowski, who has been all over television lately shamelessly plugging his new book, Let It Be Trump, was asked why he thinks Trump is such a jerk and likes to yell at people. To that, Lewandowski replied:

“He’s tough! He’s a killer! I want a killer as president!”

That prompted co-host Joy Behar to comment:

“You do?”


“Absolutely! I want to make sure that we are the toughest, greatest in the world and that we are safe.”

How exactly are we supposed to be safe when Corey’s former boss probably sold us out to the Russians and is now working from within the government to bring down the United States and everything it stands for?

Later in the interview, the delusional and unhinged Lewandowski lavished praise all over Trump, calling him “a man who has achieved such amazing success in his life. Real estate, books, television, politics.” Such a man, the former campaign chairman declared “deserves perfection.”

However, when it came to real questions about the much darker side of Trump, Corey was less than forthcoming. Co-host Sunny Hostin read a quote from Trump’s speech when he announced he was running for the White House and said all Mexicans were “rapists.” Hostin inquired:

“So, please, Corey, explain that to me?”

As you might expect, Lewandowski didn’t respond to Hostin’s query, going off on a tangent about how Trump doesn’t care if a person is “green, blue, or female.” And then he tried to steer the conversation from Trump to the case of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, who was recently acquitted for the murder of Kate Steinle in California. But Behar shut him down with this reminder”

“OK, anecdotal evidence is not policy and it’s not what we’re talking about. That is anecdotal, that is one incident, policy is not based on an anecdote, Corey.”

See, Corey only likes alleged killers when they’re paying his salary.

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