WATCH: Donald Trump’s Top Surrogate Is A Democrat, Can’t Vote For His Boss


I swear, the Donald Trump campaign makes for better comedy than a Marx Brothers movie. The latest laugh? His top surrogate and attorney Michael Cohen is a registered Democrat and, therefore, won’t be able to vote for his boss in the New York primary.

Does it get any better than this? First, his daughter Ivanka and his son Eric forget to register as Republicans and can’t vote for their father. Now Trump’s own campaign guy can’t vote for him either.

In a CNN interview today with co-host John Berman, Cohen was asked whether RNC chair Reince Priebus should stay or go if Trump won the nomination.

“That’s Mr. Trump and the campaign’s decision,” Cohen responded.

But when Berman continued to press him, Cohen revealed he was actually a registered Democrat. Berman was clearly shocked to hear that. “You can’t vote? Can you vote?”

“Not in the primary,” Cohen said.

“So his kids can’t vote and you can’t vote in the primary tomorrow?” he asked again. (Actually, the primary is Tuesday, April 19, not Friday.)

“I’d like to be one of his children,” Cohen said, a totally normal and not weird thing to say. “But no, I’m not voting in the primary. I’m a registered Democrat.”

“Man, he’s losing votes from his family and the people who work for him,” Berman joked.


Seriously, the inmates are running the Trump asylum.

True, the majority of Americans know Trump isn’t made out of presidential material. (We prefer our leaders to be calm, cool and collected.) Trump acts too much like the Mad Hatter, err, Hairer, scurrying about here and there and everywhere with his big mouth but without attention to the truth or, obviously now, the rules of the political game.

Yeah, well, if Donald Trump brags about writing the #1 book Art of the Deal, then he should damn well know the rules of the deal — and the RNC nomination!

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