WATCH: Five Whole Protesters Show Up At Anti-Muslim Motorcycle Demonstration


An anti-Muslim protest was planned with demonstrators to ride through on their motorcycles in opposition to Islamberg, an African-American Sufi Muslim community in the Catskills, but that backfired. It was a spectacular.

One commenter on the site which featured the protest, wrote:

“run them outta America, they are scared of bikers. walk up and growl in their faces, do not touch them, just growl… any other comments and words are up to you. DO NOT GIVE THEM A REASON TO CALL COPS AND LOCK US UP, JUST PUT THE FEAR OF GOD INTO THEM. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DONALD TRUMP. AMEN BROTHERS OF THE ROAD.”

(Republican caps, his)

That never happened. On May 15, they were vastly outnumbered by hundreds of cheering Islamberg supporters who gathered to defend the community from the protesters’ conspiracy theory that alleges it is an “Islamic jihad training camp.”

Fear sells, and the protesters are buying it. Still yet, only five protesters showed up for the ride, while hundreds gathered to support the community. However, 1,000 people were invited on the event’s Facebook page.

The Daily Star reports:

Despite near-freezing temperatures and intermittent snow flurries, men and women of varied ages and faiths lined the stretch of Roods Creek Road that leads to the entrance of Islamberg near the Delaware County town of Hancock. 

They came to reject what they believed could be hundreds of motorcycle-riding members of an anti-Muslim group called American Bikers United Against Jihad, which has long asserted that Islamberg is a training site for terrorists and those aspiring to wage jihad.

Counter-protesters lined up holding American flags and signs reading, “One Planet, One People;” “Bikers Bigots Be gone;” and “We Are All Muslims Today.”

A man in the crowd sang God Bless America. The supporters of the community expected hundreds of bikers to show up.

For months, the biker group has used Facebook, YouTube and other websites to encourage participation in the “Ride for National Security.” Rumors quickly circulated that hundreds of anti-Muslim protesters from across the country would ride by the compound together Sunday to “educate” people on the “issue” of Muslims in America.

“Heavily armed, trained, and ready for violent jihad against innocent Americans, they prey on our prison populations and vulnerable youth to recruit, but the FBI’s hands are tied,” the group’s website reads. “Join us in a ride for national security to let the FBI do its job. Our children are counting on us.”

The only thing supporters of the community were armed with was signs touting peace. State police officers waited and watched for the protest to begin, too. The media was also there.

At 1:15 p.m., the sound of motorcycles could be heard. That’s when supporters of the community sprang into action to chant: “Stop. Harassing. American. Muslims. … Stop. Harassing. American. Muslims.”

By 1:20, a pathetic group of just five bikers rode in, with the counter-protesters outnumbering them by the hundreds. A few vehicles joined the protesters but it was a sad demonstration.

Two riders waved sheepishly, and the others looked straight ahead, not making eye contact with the mass of people along the road. The impassioned Islamberg supporters grew louder, cheering and looking at each other with smiles.

And just like that, the motorcycles and cars were gone.

Watch, uploaded by Watershed Post:

“I guess they didn’t rally very much support,” said Jamil Abdul-Wadud, who came from Massachusetts to support the community. “This was a beautiful fellowship.”

On the group’s Facebook page, Nancy Furdock addressed the protesters after the failed event:

The 400+ community members who gathered together to support our Muslim neighbors were very disappointed that the 7 or 8 of you who showed up didn’t stop to engage in a conversation so we could better understand why you are protesting against our peaceful friends. We cannot have peace if you’re not willing to talk. No one in my community wishes you harm. We wish you peace.

H/T: FON’s own @CarlaAkins, with thanks.

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