Watch: Fox Host Blasts Iran Letter As Going ‘Around The President’s Back’


Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren took to task the controversial letter 47 Republican Senators sent to Iranian leaders in order to undermine nuclear talks with the President.


Van Susteren denounced Sen. John McCain, who was one of the signatories on the letter, for going around President Obama’s back on the nuclear negotiations.

The Fox host said on her show Tuesday night, “To communicate around the president’s back, I actually have trouble with that one… You could have achieved the same thing… without trying to rub the president’s nose in it.”

McCain did not back down, but instead claimed that Obama is not acknowledging that Republicans won the midterm elections.

That’s an odd point since Republicans seem to be unaware that Obama handily won the last two elections.

Instead of accepting responsibility for their actions, Republicans are already shifting the blame onto Obama because they signed the letter.

McCain said their move was indicative of the lack of trust between Congress and President Obama. Of course, sneaking around behind the President’s back will restore that trust, right?

Watch, uploaded by ViralNews:

McCain never met a war he didn’t like. The same Republicans who are chomping at the bit to push us into another costly and bloody war, are also those who were/are anxious to cut benefits for the needy because they say we can’t afford it.

But McCain brought up Obama’s executive order on immigration as if to justify the possibly felonious actions by members of his party.  Apples just met Oranges again.

Needless to say, her tweet was largely not well received by Conservatives on Twitter.

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