WATCH: Fox’s Shepard Smith Calls Bullsh*t On Jared Kushner’s Senate Testimony

Kushner: screen capture

I love Shepard Smith. The Fox News host just called bullsh*t on Jared Kushner and his two-hour testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday.

During his closed-door session with Senate investigators, Kushner claimed he did not read an email forwarded by his brother-in-law Donald Trump Jr. saying that Russia was willing to provide dirt about rival candidate Hillary Clinton as part of its effort to help the Trump campaign.

Smith simply couldn’t believe the Trump campaign advisor and millionaire real estate mogul could plead such ignorance.

During Smith’s news show, the AP’s Jonathan Lemire reported that Kushner told the senators “he didn’t even realize what that infamous meeting at Trump Tower was about.”

Smith interrupted:

Okay, hang on. There’s an email, and at the top of that email there is a subject line — let’s look at that subject line. Here it is, this is an email from Donald Trump Jr, sent on Wednesday the 8th of June at noon or so. The subject line: ‘Russia — Clinton — private and confidential.’

He added, “So what he is saying is he didn’t read deep into the email and we are to believe that he didn’t read the subject line?”

Lemire indicated that was the version Kushner’s going with, adding “Frankly, Paul Manafort has made a similar case.”

More bullsh*t!

Following Kushner’s closed-door testimony, he made a public statement on the White House grounds, telling reporters:

All of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign. I did not collude with Russians, nor do I know of anyone in the campaign who did.

Proof of officials in the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians has yet to be revealed by the special investigators. But anyone can see that a lot of Trump campaign officials met with a lot of people on Putin’s payroll. And it sure wasn’t to place orders for caviar and vodka.


Featured image via CNN screen capture

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