WATCH: Hateful Pastor Calls For Mass Extermination Of Gays (VIDEO)

Pastor calls for mass extermination of gays.

Pastor Steven Anderson, Captain Dickwad of the Moron Brigade, is well known for the hateful words he spews to his congregation.

After praising the death of the 49 men and women in a gay bar in Orlando, he is now openly endorsing a mass extermination of gay people AND the Christians who support the LGBT community.

The leader of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona praised his church and congregation for being a loving church to Christians.

“We have more love in our little finger than that faggoty church down the street has in their whole body. Because they don’t even know what love means. They don’t even know what hate means.”

Pastor calls for extermination of gay men and women.

And, then he started telling the truth about his congregation.

“During periods of great persecution is when great growth happens. Because we can purge out all the sissies and purge out all the fair weather Christians and purge out all the weaklings who don’t wanna take a stand. And you know what’s left? The creme de la creme.”

If creme de la creme means truffle butter, sure.

Pastor calls for extermination of gay people.
Yes, I went there. Urban Dictionary.

I’m fairly certain love does not mean the mass extermination of a group of people. You might want to check with Jewish men and women on that, but I’m fairly certain.

What’s worse is the congregation thought it was a bucket of chuckles and laughed in response. Because, you know, hate-induced extermination is hilarious. He didn’t forget to cite the Bible, though.

“To them, it’s just a slogan. They say well ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ which is Leviticus 19. But then Leviticus 20 says to kill the sodomites. Once they’re dead, then everybody’s your neighbor. My homosexual neighbor should be dead according to chapter 20 verse 13 and then I can love all my neighbors. I wouldn’t have to discriminate.”

Pastor calls for extermination of gays.
You better believe it, kid.

Anderson isn’t just saying, “Oh, well that’s good,” like he did in his comments on Orlando. This is a person who is comfortable calling for people to rise up and kill someone because a book written around 1,400 BC says they live their lives wrong. He’s calling for an extermination of a huge group of our world society. What makes this different than extremist Muslims preaching the same hate and punishment for homosexuality?

For a sect of the Christian church that calls all Muslims terrorists, they have the same morals as the few extreme ones who do go too far with their religion. They should be best friends forever based on this because they are in and of the same. They are despicable people who twist already twisted words to justify the hate inside their hearts.

You can watch his sermon below – if you can stomach it.


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