Watch Heavily Armed White ‘Patriots’ From Refuge Descend On The FBI And Feds Do Nothing


Ammon Bundy, who is leading the militia who has taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, has repeatedly rejected calls from the authorities to leave the refuge. Naturally, that’s opened the doors for armed militia groups to descend on the area. Yay.











An armed shitstorm of feigned patriotism has ensued. Even though the residents of the nearby small town do not want the armed militia members there, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom is demanding the federal government relinquish its claim on about three-quarters of the land in the county, and then “return” it to local residents.

Ammon Bundy’s militia was ‘alarmed’ at the other group’s presence as they strolled in heavily armed. Bundy’s group made it clear that they were not wanted on the land that does not belong to either of the groups.

And that’s when this happened.

The group,”3% of Idaho,” also arrived at the compound to secure the area around the building even though law enforcement has done nothing to address the armed militia who have taken over the bird sanctuary.

Bird sanctuaries are a sign of tyranny, didn’t know that?

So, the armed group marched down to the FBI’s headquarters with Pete Santilli livestreaming the event. He’s the guy who says this is a peaceful event, even though he has threatened to shoot Hillary Clinton ‘in the vagina.’

Watch, uploaded by the vagina-hater:

Let’s be perfectly clear about what just happened here. Armed white boys just drove up on the FBI, and there were no consequences, not even an arrest and you know what would have happened if Muslims or African-Americans pulled such a stunt.

The 3 Percenters did not even get a stern talking to. The feds shook hands with the ‘patriots.’ Santilli himself said the group was ‘heavily armed.’ At one point in the video, one of the feds can be seen chuckling, apparently because one of the ‘patriots’ made a little jokey joke.

At another point, the 3 Percenters spoke of the ‘articles of resolution’ in one of its member’s hands. And you know, they didn’t make an appointment for this, they just rolled up on the FBI’s compound to talk to any ol’ agent around to present this document.

One of the 3 Percenters even objected to this ‘tough guy bullshit’ with the other armed groups who have besieged the area, too.

The armed group of militants is trying to negotiate with the FBI, but Conservatives have always said America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, and the latter describes the militants perfectly. This is terribly confusing.

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