WATCH: High School Teacher At Clinton Rally: ‘Women Are NOT Fit To Be President’


We don’t need no education.
We don’t need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave the kids alone!

Pink Floyd, Another Brick In The Wall

Calculus teacher Ryan Sullivan’s number is up.

Local ABC TV affiliate KSBW reports that the Salinas High School teacher is in Twitter detention for showing up at a Hillary Clinton rally Thursday with a sign that read:

Women are NOT fit to be President. President = Man’s job.

Thanks for the obnoxious display of sexism, buddy. You’re probably one of those misogynistic Donald Trump supporters, right? Well, with teachers like you in our public classrooms, students don’t stand a chance. Especially female students.

Quit your day job, Sullivan. Try amateur comedy at a nearby club on Monday nights. The pay’s no good, but they’ll let you spew all the crap about women you want just for laughs. Or boos, depending on who’s seated in the audience.

KSBW said Sullivan stood smiling with his sign outside Hartnell College’s gym, while the former first lady and Democratic presidential candidate was inside giving a speech — about equal pay for women in the workplace, of all things. Among other issues important to all voter, of course.

It was there ABC network reporter Liz Kreutz saw the sign, snapped a photo and posted the image on Twitter.

Let the social media eating frenzy begin. The photo went viral and people on Twitter ate Sullivan for lunch. And dinner.

The teacher back peddled to say he was only kidding. He then posted a second sign Thursday on his classroom’s door that read:

It was a joke. Disgusted by the statement on my sign? Good! I am happy to hear that you disagree with such outlandish statements.

I’ll give Ryan Sullivan an “A” for penmanship, but he flunked civics. And social science.


KSBW spoke with some of Sullivan’s teenage students, whose reactions were divided. Most agreed, however, their teacher should face discipline by school administrators.

“I don’t think he should’ve done it,” sophomore Jaelyn Michel said. “He’s a teacher he should be encouraging girls to be what they want, even if it includes being president.”

Junior Sal Regalado thought Sullivan went too far, but said the teacher still has a right to express his views.

“It’s freedom of speech,” Regalado said.

Whether the teacher meant the sign as a joke or political satire that went wrong, the sentiment he expressed is as outdated as last month’s milk carton. Women belong in the House — and the Senate. They also belong in the White House. No, not only as a First Lady, but as President.

What this sign kerfuffle will result in for the teacher is yet to be seen. But one thing is quite certain: the sign cannot be “unseen.”

Image: Twitter @ABCLiz.

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