WATCH: Huckabee Gets Amnesia When Asked If Trump Committed Sexual Assault


When it comes to blatant hypocrisy, it appears that Republicans have the market cornered. No one can say one thing and do another quite like a right-wing supporter of our current head of state, Donald Trump.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Sunday morning, former Arkansas governor and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was holding forth on how he was sick and tired of hearing Hillary Clinton talk about Russia having possibly helped Trump win the 2016 election. That led host Abby Huntsman to comment:

“There was also an uncomfortable moment when she talked about President Trump, how he admitted to being sexual assaulter. She was asked about the [Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations] and she mentioned how her husband has — what he did was in the past. Anyone watching that, I think, was a little squirmy in their seat.

“Has President Trump ever admitted to being a sexual assaulter?”

Huckabee suddenly developed a case of amnesia, responding:

“I don’t recall that that’s ever happened. But I do recall that Bill Clinton lost his law license. He was impeached. He admitted that he lied under oath and that there had been a number of women who have have never been disproven to be wrong about their allegations regarding him.”

You don’t recall, Mike? Really? Allow us to refresh your conveniently failing memory with this clip:

Last time I checked, grabbing women by the genitals and kissing them against their will is indeed considered to be assault. Sounds like Mike must be grading on the proverbial curve.

In the very next breath, Huckabee entered fake pious mode and said he didn’t want to “dig up” dirt on the Clintons “but she keeps bringing up how pure she and her husband were.”

And Huckabee wasn’t quite finished proving what a sanctimonious fake Christian he is, adding:

“I get the impression that if she had worked as hard to win the presidency as she had to explain her loss in the presidency, she might have won.”

How hard did Trump have to work to get Vladimir Putin to go all in for him, Mike? No need to answer because Robert Mueller is gonna tell us all.


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