WATCH: Huckabee Sanders Makes A Fool Out Of Herself Trying To Slime Obama


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a fool out of herself on Wednesday by trying to slime former President Barack Obama while touting Donald Trump’s bipartisanship – a thing which only happened because of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Huckabee Sanders said that Trump in the last eight days has done more for bipartisanship than Obama did during his eight years in office.

“This president is negotiating on behalf of the American people, exactly what he was elected to do,” she said. “The idea that you keep trying to distort this into a bad thing is exactly why this president was elected.”

“They were sick and tired of business as usual, they wanted somebody who would break up the status quo, that would bring people from both sides of the table together to have conversation,” she continued. “This president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than Obama did in eight years.”

Like her boss, Huckabee Sanders must be sundowning because Obama made a number of bipartisan deals throughout his presidency. Obama knew how to president when facing a Republican-controlled House for six years and a GOP-controlled Senate for the final two years of his tenure. Obama literally worked with Mitch McConnell on more than one occassion, a man who vowed to make Obama a one-term President.

Still yet, Huckabee Sanders said that Trump is “willing to sit down with members of the opposite party, something that President Obama rarely did and certainly didn’t listen to members of the opposite party.”

“I can’t think of a single time where he made a deal with anyone from the opposite side, from beyond the Democrat Party,” she continued. “This president is committed to do that. He hasn’t just done it once; he’s continuing to do that.”

Watch her lie her ass off:

You’re lying, Sarah. We have Google to back up our facts.

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