WATCH: Hundreds Of Durham Activists Demand They Get Arrested For Toppling The Confederate Statue


In a show of solidarity for Takiya Thompson, 22, the woman who was arrested in Durham, North Carolina for assisting in the toppling of a Confederate statue in the area, what looks like hundreds of activists, poured into the police station to claim that they took down the statue. Police in the Durham area have been conducting raids to arrest the anti-racist activists involved in the removal of the statue.

Thompson was slapped with a litany of charge–including two felony counts of participating in a riot and inciting others to riot, Law Newz reports.

Watch these amazing activists march into the Durham County Sheriff’s Office:

One of the organizers said, “Their voices are a part of taking that [statue] down. It wasn’t about the actions of a few individuals. It’s about what the community of Durham wants.”

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews referred to the statue’s toppling as “civil disobedience that is no longer civil” then promised to use every measure at his disposal to go after the activists responsible. But, after today, it looks like he’ll have a community fighting him on that. Durham is just a few miles from me. If y’all had just given me a call, I would have gladly been arrested with you:)

Meanwhile, Donald Trump claimed on Twitter today that he was ‘sad’ over the removal of the ‘beautiful’ confederate statues in various states. We cannot confirm or deny if he was holding a Tiki torch when he sent that tweet out.

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