WATCH: Kellyanne Denies Trump Attacked London Mayor – Then Trump Does It AGAIN


There seems to be a communication error between Donald Trump and his staff.

On Monday, the ever-reaching Kellyanne Conway tried to cover the boss’ ass after his pathetic tweet attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan. She was asked on the Today Show if Trump owed the Mayor an apology for his insensitive tweet:

Conway was defiant:

It wasn’t a political attack, Savannah. And as you, as was buried in that report, that one-sided report, here’s the other side. That the president stands firm with the people of the UK. He spoke to the Prime Minister of the entire country, Theresa May, that same night…I’m not going to allow, on the day and a half after terrorists did it again…not let him be seen as the perpetrator here.

Savannah Guthrie pressed on, saying “The president is the one who tweeted it.” That tweet, in case you missed it, sarcastically called out Khan as weak after the attack:

Conway was clever here. She quickly says the code words — “one-sided” — for “fake news.” She differentiates between just London, where Khan is Mayor, and the wider UK, as deserving of our support. Then she brought up the horror of the tragedy. Finally, she paints Guthrie’s question as some sort of equivalency between the actual terrorist attack and Trump’s attack on the London Mayor… Trump Spokeswoman 101.

But Kellyanne’s indignant answer didn’t stand up long. In what almost seems like an effort to make her look like an idiot, her asshole boss took to Twitter once again:

That’s right. Trump doubled down. I know you’re not surprised: He always doubles down when he gets his jimmy rustled.

In this case, however, Trump betrays himself.

It would have been so easy to simply say, “I really didn’t mean it that way” or “I must have misunderstood Mr. Khan’s statement.” But that is definitely not The Donald’s style. Instead, he has painted himself into a corner: Literally everyone knows that it was a political attack. Like, the sky is blue, Nickelback sucks, and that was a purely political attack on Sadiq Khan. He could have let Kellyanne do her job and get him out of it, but he’s just not smart enough to know when he looks like a fool.

Sounds like the people who put him in office.

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