WATCH: Man Chanting ‘Trump’ Tells Group Of Muslims He Wants To ‘Kill Them All!’


A cell phone video surfaced on Monday showing a man yelling out “Kill Muslims” and chanting Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name at a group of Muslims during his obscenity-filled rant in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, according to Michigan Live.

The man is seen in the video which was recorded on March 27th near Rosa Parks Circle, yelling anti-Muslim sentiments at people who are across Monroe Center.

“Kill Muslims!” the man can be heard yelling. “Kill them all! Kill them all!” While walking away, he adds, “Kill you all. Kill the Muslims.”

At that point, the man begin to chant, “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!” while pushing a fist into the air.

Michigan Live reports:

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Candy Valenzuela, who wrote that the man was shouting at a “group of muslims preaching knowledge.”

This just happened right in front of my eyes. A group of muslims preaching knowledge and this guy walks by and just starts yelling! If you cant hear it clearly, at the end he starts yelling Trump! After the video he actually walked by them, tried to swing, missed and fell! 😂😂 #racismstillexist

Watch, uploaded on Valenzuela’s Facebook page:


Attacks on Muslims have increased during this heated presidential campaign season. White supremacists across the board have thrown their support behind the GOP front-runner, and each time he makes a controversial remark, the most popular racist website on the Internet, Stormfront, sees a surge of traffic.

In fact, the racist site had to upgrade its servers because of the boost in traffic after Trump made comments about banning Muslims from the United States. The site saw a 30-40 percent increase in traffic after the hotel magnate made a controversial and semi-veiled racist remark.

What we’re saying here is, this latest incident is not a coincidence. Analysts from the two leading organizations that track violence against minority groups have said that Donald Trump is energizing hate groups and creating an atmosphere likely to lead to more violence against American Muslims.

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