WATCH: Mouse Completely Owns Cat In Hilarious Video


We’ve always been taught the basics of nature – cats and dogs don’t get along, cats catch mice, etc. But this is the year 2016, and it’s time to break the stereotypes – some cats and dogs get along and some mice terrorize cats. Remember Tom & Jerry?

I’m not a fan of cats. Give me a pitbull or Great Dane any day – for real, convince my husband I need one, but I AM lucky. I have a cat that does kill mice. We don’t get them often, but when we do, they are huge and freak me out. I made my husband come home from work to kill one once. I then threw away all the clothes it had run under to hide (we use hampers now BTW). But, the cat generally takes care of it, and we don’t have to put out dangerous poisons (we have a kid and the cat) or nasty traps. The only complaint is Mee-mow brings it to us as a gift sometimes. I won’t complain too much considering there are cats out there who really are “scaredy cats.” Though, I really wish he’d stop bring my decapitated birds. I have bird feeders for a reason.

Yes I named our cat after the Adventure Time kitty.
Yes, I named our cat after the “Adventure Time” kitty.

However, the cat in the video is the definition of “scaredy cat.” That or the mouse is on PCP and/or meth and believes it’s a dog. Meth – it’s a helluva drug. What messes with me though is the pet owner (I assume) just records what’s going on. I’d like to think I’d be calling my husband to come help our cat, especially since it appears the mouse bites the cat at the end. Though rare, mice CAN contract rabies. We shall now name this mouse Cujo.

But, no, seriously. Mice do carry pretty bad diseases. Ever watched Monsters Inside Me? Hell, even cats carry parasites / fungus (dealing with a ringworm infection right now that I thought was eczema – fail parenting). But, mice managed to kill an entire population of people – the Black Plague. That’s pretty bad ass. Though it’s basically eradicated, you still get some cases of the bubonic plague.

So, I’m not sure if I should laugh at the hilarity of the cat being completely owned by a mouse or angry that the pet owner didn’t help, and the cat suffered a bite as a result. On one hand, the cat is a part of your family. On the other hand, if the mice is hopped up on cheese and PCP, what can a human really do without suffering the consequences?

Hopefully, the pet owner took their furry family friend to the vet for some sort of shot or something.

Watch the video below!

Featured image by Vorstlus screenshot from Flickr.

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