WATCH: Nazis In Shelbyville Were Just Expertly Trolled With Offer Of ‘Free Genetic Testing’


Two “White Lives Matter” rallies were scheduled today, with one in Shelbyville, TN and the other in Murfreesboro. The Shelbyville rally consisted of a bunch of old white farts who feel persecuted because they are white with some familiar faces from the Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ hate rally which ended in violence when one of Trump’s ‘very fine people’ decided to use his car as a weapon to mow down anti-racist protesters. One of the Nazis today actually held a ‘Charlottesville’ banner.

In the town of about only 20,000 residents, the Nazis marched while chanting, “Closed borders, white nation, now we start the deportation.” The KKK was there, too, because of course.

Anti-racist protesters were there as well but the police kept the two sides apart. Seriously, I cannot believe I have been spending my Saturday watching Nazis on live stream who are shouting ‘White Lives Matter.’ Nazis lives do not matter, by the way. Sorry, not sorry.

The white supremacists threw up Nazi salutes, while others, carrying shields and wearing helmets, chanted “White lives matter” and “Blood and soil,” the latter of which is a Nazi-era slogan which was also heard in Charlottesville.

But at a trolling level which can only be graded as ‘expert,’ one of the anti-racist protesters offered the opposing side free genetic testing.

“Hey, I’d like to make an offer to you guys,” the man can be heard in a video uploaded by Huffpo’s Christopher Mathias. “Free genetic testing, for every one of you. I know you aren’t used to talking about it on your Facebook forum, but you can have free genetic testing and it will be great.”


Make Genetic Testing Great Again!

Hey, have you noticed that they don’t chant “all lives matter” anymore? But it was nice that Jimmy Bob and his kinfolk showed up today so they can be identified in pictures to hopefully join the ranks of the unemployed. Life is hard.

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Image via screen capture.

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