WATCH: Paranoid Trumpkin Says Roy Moore Fiasco Is Just An Attempt To Slag The Donald


Now that they fully realize they can no longer defend the pedophile rapist seeking to be the next U.S. Senator from Alabama, right-wing lugnuts have decided that all of the recent discussion of sexual assault and harassment is just a conspiracy to bring down the Cheeto-faced clown in the Oval Office.

Sunday on CNN, former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo said none of the women who have accused Roy Moore of sexual assault and child molestation should be believed because they waited too long to come forward with their allegations:

“If the people of Alabama have their choice. I think if these allegations against Moore are true then he should step down. But I don’t know that I believe anything that comes out of people’s mouths in the last five weeks of a campaign.”

Caputo went on to declare that women accusing men of sexual assault has gotten out of control:

“You can’t point this ‘me too’ stuff at everyone. The problem with this ‘me too’ stuff is it always goes to far.”

When conservative columnist Amanda Carpenter asserted that sexual abuse allegations should be “disqualifying for federal office or any other political office,” Caputo blew a gasket and proved his membership in the tinfoil hat club by retorting:

“Throwing people out of office, I think it’s overkill. And here’s what’s going to happen next as this ‘me too’ thing goes forward, there’s going to be accusations made against Trump campaign people or Trump White House people.

“This agenda is pointing eventually towards Donald Trump. This is all about getting to Donald Trump.”

Perhaps Mr. Caputo has his crazy hat on a bit too tight, because last time I checked at least 16 separate accusations of sexual assault have already been made against Donald Trump. And if “getting” Trump by making him pay for being a disgusting pig is the end result of our current debate, that’s the very definition of karma.


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