WATCH: Parents Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to Shut Up A Trans Supporter


The conservative outrage over where transgender people pee is transparent. In Horry County, South Carolina, that outrage was deafening even though more Republicans have been arrested for sexual misconduct in public restrooms than trans people. Actually, so far there are zero reported cases where transgender people were arrested for predatory acts in bathroom.

But never mind those icky facts.

On Monday, more than 500 people showed up at a school board meeting in Horry County. The debate centered on whether transgender kids should be able to use bathrooms of their choice, and naturally, that issue is too much for Conservatives to handle.

Mother Jones reports:

Most of the parents objected, with some holding signs that read “Keep kids safe” or “It’s common sense.” After one woman stood up to show her support for transgender rights, the others did their best to shut her up, by breaking into a hymn.

Watch, uploaded by The Sun News (the singing starts near the end  of the clip):

“I’m not aware of any police-related cases — none,” said Chief Cathy Lanier when asked if D.C. police have been called to public bathrooms because of threats against women by a transgender person. Law enforcement in Maryland also stated that they’ve had no reported cases of transgender people preying on others in bathrooms.

Det. Nicole Monroe, a public information officer with the Baltimore Police Department, said no reports of transgender harassment or other problems in public bathrooms have come to her attention since Maryland adopted its trans non-discrimination law.

“Where is this coming from?” Monroe asked. “Just because you’re transitioning doesn’t make you a rapist. You go in your stall and you do your thing,” she said. “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”There have been no reported cases of transgender Americans preying upon people in public bathrooms.

Dear Conservatives, please stop using Jesus as an excuse for your bigotry. Also, you can stop calling yourselves ‘small-government’ conservatives now. Thank you very much.

H/T: FON’s own @Cosmic_Surfer, with thanks.

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