WATCH: Rand Paul’s Face When Trump Enters The Room Is Everything

We feel you, Rand.


It would seem even Rand Paul has had it with Donald Trump. As Trump entered the Oval Office on Thursday to sign an executive order effectively crippling the Affordable Care Act, Paul refused to make eye contact and appeared to be extremely uncomfortable with Mr. Trump’s close proximity.

Paul’s awkward reaction to Trump fueled an hilarious reaction on Twitter almost immediately, with user Clifton Dassuncao setting a clip of the reaction to the music from Larry David’s popular show, Curb Your Enthusiasm:


Other Twitter users likened Paul’s reaction to things from running in to your boyfriend’s ex-lover to the terrified look on Steve Bannon’s face that time he had to stand next to a bunch of Sheikhs while visiting Saudi Arabia:


Paul’s reaction is mystifying on what should have been a happy day for him. He has long been in favor of killing the ACA, and Mr. Trump’s actions on Thursday were a giant step in that direction. But it speaks volumes as to the true feelings of these so-called GOP leaders about a man who they clearly despise but are willing to use as their puppet to force through the Republican agenda.

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Image via screen capture. 

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