WATCH: Reporter Has To Remind Sarah Huckabee Sanders That Nuclear War Is Very Bad

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Needs to be told that nuclear war is BAD.

Brian Karem, recipient of the National Press Club’s prestigious Freedom of the Press award, and White House correspondent for Playboy magazine once again made himself a thorn in Sara Huckabee Sanders’s side.

During the daily press briefing he asked Ms. Sanders if it was dangerous to engage in brinkmanship with Russia. Karem quoted President Trump’s own words in regards to his budget spending 50 BILLION dollars to upgrade and update the nuclear arsenal. He stated that Putin had made statements that Russia has acquired a first strike weapon, and asked why we are abandoning our role as international peacekeepers. Of course Sanders spun answer was that President Trump only wants us to have the, “most robust and modern military”. Karem responded truthfully with,

The thermonuclear war we’re talking about-you don’t come back From that..

When he went on to ask if it was dangerous, Sanders replied, “I think it’s dangerous to push a narrative that is not at all what this administration is pushing”. Later in the day Karem tweeted:

Many may remember Brian Karem from the June 27th, 2017 White House press briefing when he bravely took Huckabee Sanders to the woodshed for making inflammatory statements about members of the press peddling false narratives, and stories without proper sourcing. He stated that the Trump Administration creates a narrative that everything else is fake news and only the president is right.

Amazingly, almost a year later, not much has changed in the relationship between Trump and the press. Both Trump and Huckabee Sanders continue to spin their web of lies at every turn, and continue in their attempt to discredit our fourth estate. Rockstar reporters like Brian Karem, April Ryan, and Jim Acosta are the journalists we need fighting back against the Trump Administration’s betrayal of the public trust. Thermonuclear war isn’t quite a casual conversation, and I’m proud that we have a patriot like Brian Karem in the corner of “We the People” to point that out.


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