WATCH: The U.S. Attorney Trump Fired Is Having The Last Laugh As Mueller Closes In


Preet Bharara was United States District Attorney in New York City – that is, until Donald Trump abruptly fired him, along with a bunch of other U.S. Attorneys for no apparent reason. Now that he is unshackled from the service of the corrupt Trump Administration, Bharara has been speaking out. Since Trump’s disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been flipped by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there is much speculation as to not if, but WHEN, Mueller’s probe will reach the White House. Appearing on CNN, Preet Bharara said of the news that Flynn has flipped and plead guilty to the felony charge of lying to the FBI:

“I think the Mueller team is looking at every member of the campaign. I think they’re looking at every member of the transition team. I think they’re looking at everyone up to the president of the United States himself.”

Team Trump has been busily playing the “nothing to see here” game throughout Mueller’s probe into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in an effort to get Trump elected president. They continue to do so, but, it is being reported that¬†behind the scenes the people inside Trump’s inner circle and inside the White House are panicking. Michael Flynn has been with Trump since the beginning. He knows everything – and he is willing to spill it all to Robert Mueller and the Department of Justice in exchange for not having to spend decades in federal prison for treason.

Team Trump had better be very, very afraid of Robert Mueller and what Michael Flynn has likely already told him at this point. All of their necks are on the line, and the ones who flip the fastest in these situations are the ones who tell the most and thus get the best deals. This is the beginning, too. Mueller is just now sharpening his knives and licking his chops. These squatters in the White House had better get their orange jumpsuits ready – it’s Mueller Time!

Watch Bharara’s remarks below:

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