WATCH: Trump At Rally Says He Wants ‘Go Back To’ The First Muslim Ban ‘And Go All The Way’


While holding yet another campaign rally, this time in Nashville, amateur president Donald Trump spoke to his crowd of supporters about the ruling that was just handed down by a federal judge in Hawaii to block his revised Muslim ban nationwide. Judge Derrick Watson noted, not only Trump’s own words in the ruling but Rudy Giuliani’s as well as Stephen Miller’s. Their own words came back to haunt them.

At the rally, Trump said, “This was a watered down version of the first one. This is a watered down version. And let me tell you something, I think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way.”


There’s just one little problem with Trump’s ‘thinking’ here. Trump’s original Muslim ban was knocked down by the 9th Circuit of Appeals court. Trump originally wanted to implement a travel ban from seven predominately Muslim countries. His executive order happened while travelers were in mid-flight, thus creating chaos at airports. The ‘watered’ down version was just slammed down, too. And as a kicker, it happened while Trump was holding an ego-rally.

Trump also took a shot at Hillary Clinton at the rally.

While ‘lock her up’ chants rang out, Trump is plagued with scandals, from Russian interference in the presidential election to a massive amount of conflicts of interest. The former reality show star spoke to his supporters about the ban, instead of to all of the American people.

Trump is going back to Florida this weekend for his fifth vacation at his Mar-a-Lago resort since his inauguration.The 70-year-old fake news ‘president’ needs nappy-time in the Sunshine State.

Featured image: screen capture. 

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