WATCH: Trump Gets Booed And Mocked After Telling Union Workers They Voted For Him


Amateur president Donald Trump was humiliated after he took the stage at the annual legislative conference of the building trade unions and proceeded to brag about winning the election, then declared that everyone in the room voted for him. The problem is, that Trump underestimates the number of people that oppose him. Trump lost the popular vote, but don’t tell him that because it hurts his delicate feels.

Seconds before the former reality show star even entered the stage, a “boo” rang out at the mention of his name.

The Washington Post reports:

After receiving better-than-expected support from union members for his populist, anti-free-trade message, Trump made a hard pitch to the members of an assortment of union groups most likely to be positively disposed to his message.

But just after that, he recalled his election victory, because of course he did. Trump can’t believe he’s the ‘president.’ Months after the election he’s still touting his win in order to feed his massive ego.

“The electoral college is very, very tough,” Trump told the crowd, then noted that he had won Wisconsin and Michigan, which he said were two states he “didn’t even need.” “They say almost impossible for a Republican to win.”

Then Trump started criticizing Democrats.

“I don’t know if you saw, but if you watch the Democrats, the anger and they’re trying to figure out, where did all these people [come from] that voted for Donald Trump,” he continued.

“I had the support, of I would say, of almost everybody in this room,” Trump said. “I had tremendous support of the workers.”

A few people in the room yelled out, “Nope,” then others followed that with “boos” and chuckles.


But wait, there’s more!

According to the Post, it was just minutes into his speech that a group of about half-a-dozen attendees at the conference stood up with white pieces of paper with the word “#RESIST” printed on them. They were quickly escorted out of the room.

The Resistance is working. At no point should we allow Trump’s behavior to become acceptable. Can you even imagine if former President Barack Obama kept bragging about his re-election victory months after defeating Mitt Romney?

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