WATCH: Trump Supporter Who Defended Rally Violence Called Out For Sitting In Booster Seat


If anyone deserved this burn it’s Trump supporter Andy Dean. He’s the guy who earlier made excuses for the white protester after he sucker-punched a black protester. The Trump spokesman actually said “it looks like good exercise” for the rally-goer to have punched the protester.

During a CNN panel Thursday afternoon, a former aide for Jeb Bush revealed during the broadcast that Dean needed a booster seat, according to Talking Points Memo.

“His support is waning right now among the very conservative, among people who go to church every week,” Tim Miller said.

Miller is an adviser to the anti-Trump super PAC Our Principles.

“Now here’s the thing, the Donald Trump guys try to seem tough, they try to seem strong,” Miller said, while gesturing at Andy Dean.

“We are tough. We’re winning,” Dean interrupted.

“That’s why you’re sitting in a booster chair right now, because you want to seem tall and strong,” Miller shot back.

Watch, uploaded by Bill Henderson:

Another member of the panel says, “Ouch.”

Still yet, Dean insisted while sitting on his booster seat that, “We’re winning. We’re winning. I have big hands.”

“This is what the Donald Trump people like to do,” Miller said.

“Let’s compare hands after this,” Dean responded.

“It’s not strong to insult people of a certain religion,” Miller said. “It is really weak and it is really insecure.”

78-year-old John McGraw was arrested today after assaulting a protester. The coward who Dean defended went on to say, “Next time, we might have to kill him.”

Dean has a problem and we really don’t want to see his hands if it has anything to do with his penis size. He’s just trying to compensate for his inadequacies, whether it be his height or dick-size — or both.

Sure, Dean.  You’re ‘winning.’ Trump will never be president of this country and he’s hammering the final nail into the GOP’s coffin. So if that’s winning, then congrats, Shorty.

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