WATCH: Trump Supporters Want To Impeach Woman Who Does Not Hold Office


Ex-Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is getting huge laughs in the promotional trailer for his new show “The Opposition” on Comedy Central, in which he adopts a right-wing news host persona.

Klepper heads to Arizona to get the word out about his new show where he dupes the crowd of Trump supporters who attended a rally in Phoenix.

“I’m Jordan Klepper with The Opposition,” he says, adding “What are we opposed to? The Resistance, which is technically resisting the opposition, there’s a lot of forces at play.”

Talking to Trump supporters about the issues that matter to them, Klepper warns they should look close because they’re going to see a lot of cameras out there, and it’s the mainstream media.

“Don’t trust anyone who’s talking to a camera,” he says while talking to his camera

“We are anti-mainstream. Anti-Soros. Anti-globalist. We’re anti-Oprah’s Book Club,” he tells a Trump fan, adding “We’re anti-Pho, not Antifa the movement, the Vietnamese soup.”

“Aw man, I love Pho, man,” the man replies.

“It’s just broth,” says Klepper as a screenshot opposed to Pho appears on the screen.

Another Trump voter tells Klepper, “Most of the main media people that you guys all listen to, the fake news out there, they’re all married to the Obama administration.”

“Hell yes,” he replies.

Wait a minute. Wouldn’t that be polygamy? Trump supporters think Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, not a Utah Morman. No way this can be true, can it?

“What is the message that isn’t getting out there?,” Klepper later asks two young males draped in the American flag and wearing Trump “Make America Great Again” caps.

The young black man tells him, “You can only be white and be conservative, that’s not the case. You can be any skin color, any race.”

Klepper nods  in agreement,  saying, “You can vote against your own interests, it’s the American way.”

“Yup, it’s the American way, exactly,” they reply in unison.

“The Opposition” will be exposing the hard truths the mainstream won’t tell you, Klepper tells us. Then he blurts out a secret to the crowd that MSNBC’s Meet The Press host Chuck Todd wears a ponytail.

“You never see the back of his head. Look at the tape. All you see is him from the front,” explains Klepper as an image of Todd sporting a ponytail pops up on-screen.

Then Klepper points to “mainstream” cameraman and shouts, “Fake news. Fake tripod. It only has two legs.”

According to Klepper, the opposition movement has enemies everywhere. But he knows that Trump supporters know who the real threat to democracy is.

“It’s Hillary Clinton,” a Trump fan claims.

Of course, while the mainstream focus is on Russia and North Korea, the real enemy, of course, is Hillary Clinton. Public enemy #1.

“What do we need to do going forward with the Hillary situation,” he asks.

“Bury her,” replies one woman.

“Bury Hillary Clinton?”

“Yeah, I hate her.”

Other Trump supporters say Clinton should be sent to prison or impeached. Oblivious to the fact that you can’t impeach someone who’s not holding a political office, Klepper asks, “We have to impeach Hillary?”

And that’s when Klepper turns to the camera to reassure everyone, “This is what we need, an informed public to take action.”


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Image via screen capture.

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