Watch: Unhinged Ex-Convict Testifies For Open Carry In Texas, ‘How DARE You!’


Hello responsible gun owners, meet the opposite of what you are. This is William Brown and like many of the most vocal Open Carry activists, not only does he have a criminal history, he adds a ‘III’ at the end of this name on Facebook in support of the Three Percenters.

Brown spent 17 years in prison but he’s a ‘good guy with a gun.’





















Lots of these ‘good guys with guns’ aren’t so ‘good’ after all. Shocking, HUH?




















Do not try to take this ex-convict’s ‘right’ to Open Carry weapons in public or he will go all Three Percenter on you. In fact, on Facebook, he refers to Moms Demand Action members as ‘skanks,’ a term he may have learned in prison.

He scribbles:

Sitting here in the Capital, waiting to testify for open carry. MDA skanks coming outta the woodwork. It’s all good, no collectivist waste of life is gonna steal my bliss today..Got muh Meskins with me, they got my back! 

As you can see in the video below, that worked out swimmingly. Here is Mr. William losing his shit while testifying. Note the end of the footage when he admits to being a criminal.

Uploaded via Moms Demand Action by my pal Coco Mars:


He will not be embedding a video of his meltdown because he admits to a ‘lapse of reason’. I hope he never has one of those while carrying a firearm after his lengthy prison sentence.





He uses his pretty awesome looking grandson to make memes. Comments include ones from Tammy Koontz (with Gun Rights Across America) and “Tom Jefferson (Amos Postell) with Lone Star Gun rights.

We blurred out the kid’s image for the sake of privacy.
















In the following image, William The Felon is in possession of a pre-1899 black powder pistol which is fully legal in Texas because it’s not considered it a firearm. It appears he’s standing in front of a theater. You know who DOES think his weapons is a firearm? Abraham Lincoln, who was killed with one. In a theater, hello?
















I dig that shirt, yo.

This is William writing on Facebook about how he’s gonna totally fool his parole officer. He’s so sneaky. No one ever sees public Facebook pages. We have nothing against weed but we do have something against stupidity.














He calls Moms Demand Action members ‘fags’….


















…and yet, he’s rocking this skirt in the image below.

William loves him some Open Carry Texas.





















C.J. Grisham, Open Carry Texas’s leader, has this to say about ex-con’s with guns. It’s ‘rude.’






















But C.J. has a record, too, although he’ll tell you he’s totally innocent. You know who else will tell you that? Every prisoner in Angola, that’s who.

The saddest part of all of this is that Gov. Greg Abbott will likely sign off on Open Carry in Texas. It’s like he never heard the testimony from the aforementioned criminals in the image above.

Or the responsible gun owner with Moms Demand Action who William calls a ‘skank.’

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