Watch What Happens When Man Offers Hugs To Trump Supporters Then Bernie Supporters


We’ve all grown accustomed to the hatred displayed at rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. We’ve grown weary to the violence, to the racism and to the disregard for human life. One man decided to check it out for himself. He went to a Trump Rally in Wisconsin then a Bernie Sanders Rally in San Diego with the same idea. The unidentified black man held a ‘free hugs’ sign  in his hand.

The two rallies were in stark contrast of each other. One Trump supporter explained to the man offering free hugs that “there is no love in this word.”

Another Trump supporter told the man that there are “bigger problems than hate.” A female Trump supporter told the man, “Are you for Trump? I will punch you if you are not.” What a really chill response to a man offering a friendly hug.

Meanwhile, the police outside the Trump event shook the man’s hand and appeared to be friendly. As the man approached another Trump supporter, the woman screamed, “White is better!”

Watch, uploaded by Free Hugs Project:

The Free Hugs Project states that it is “a movement to spread love, inspire change, and raise awareness of social issues,” but their cause was not lost when the man attended the Bernie Sanders rally in San Diego. There, he was greeted with open arms, with each of the presidential hopeful’s supporters more than happy to accept the man’s’ hug.

Ironically, one of the Bernie supporters was holding a sign that read, “Love Trumps Hate.” He’s not wrong.

He didn’t just offer ‘pat on the back’ hugs, but real hugs. As if other people are human, too. Old, young, black, white, it didn’t matter.

At the Trump event, one supporter told the man, “I don’t want any drugs’ even though the man’s sign clearly said ‘hugs’. And  ‘free hugs’ was written across the man’s t-shirt, too.

Featured image: Screengrab.


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