Weak Dictator Obama Fails To Seize Texas On First Day Of Jade Helm


Martial law has not been declared, guns have not been confiscated and black helicopters are not flying overhead ready to attack and turn Conservatives into Soylent Green.



















The Republican Party’s office in Bastrop County, Texas, features a sign reading “WISE UP AMERICA!” Most of the townspeople believe Jade Helm is for reals and that Obama is taking over the South.

Bastrop is Wingnut Central for conspiracy theorists.

President Obama is the weakest dictator ever.

KHOU reports:

Jade Helm 15, the heavily publicized Army training exercise that’s set the Internet aflame with elaborate conspiracy theories, began quietly Wednesday with no reports of any military activity visible to the public.

Army officials announced weeks ago that people living around the areas around the exercise probably wouldn’t notice anything beyond a few military vehicles rumbling down roads.

So it was no surprise that all was quiet on the streets of Bastrop County, where suspicious residents crowded into a briefing by an Army official last April. Indeed, the only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the presence of television trucks and camera crews interviewing bemused residents of the small central Texas town.

“So far, I haven’t seen how it’s had any effect on us at all,” said Ken Oliviera.

But some in the Texas town aren’t buying it.

“It concerns me,” said Richard Scott Sr., who believes Jade Helm could be part of a military takeover plot. “Anything our government puts under a special name, I react to very negatively.”

Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t help matters when he gave the OK for the Texas State Guard the green light to “monitor” troops.

Main Street in Bastrop looked more like Mayberry than a military occupation on the first day of the ‘takeover.’

Some of the townspeople aren’t buying into the conspiracy theory.

“I’m retired military exercise planner,” said Mel Hamner, a Bastrop resident. “They do this all the time. And there’s no plot behind it. It’s just their way of training.”

“Honestly, I think that it all comes down to having a black president,” said Carolyn Detrixhe. “And this is just the fallout from it.”

“Life goes on in Bastrop,” Oliveira said. “So if that’s the way it’s going to go, that’s good enough for us.”

Some conservatives in Texas are burying their guns while others are stockpiling weapons and ammunition. One farmer purchased 20,000 rounds of ammunition.

This would have been perfect timing to confiscate guns, seeing as how some of them are burying their firearms underground but Obama was busy forging ahead with the Iran deal and trying to keep world peace.

Silly POTUS!

Chalk this up to another one of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s broken promises which he did not make.

Still yet, former Marine Pete Lanter who founded the Counter Jade Helm Facebook page, said previously that he plans to go to Bastrop. The counter Jade Helm coordinator also says, “I can’t wait to kill a thousand of these fucks man!!!”

Well we know who the enemy is now and it’s not President Obama.

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